Software Solutions

AFA Technologies aims to use the most recent technologies to fulfill all operational requirements according to the well-known and admitted criteria.

Networking Services

AFA Technologies helps in opening secured effective communication channels anytime from anywhere, for indoor or outdoor access.


AFA Technologies provides the trust, expertise and confidentiality which are the most important factors in a successful outsourcing relationship.

Consultancy Services

Large portfolio of consultancy provide services in quality control,  IT infrastructure,  e-marketing, and SEO activities.

Totally New Business Way

AFA Technologies is a leading company in the field of information technology supplies full integrated solutions through variable chains of products and applications consulting services developed by adopting best technologies through different partnerships with globally well known brands such as  Microsoft, the company is providing confidence and reliability to our products and services.

Financial Management

It is designed to help you automate your accounting activities.

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Human Resources

It allows you to keep track of all your employees’ data including Payroll data

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Retail Management System

It is the web-based makes it simple to sell to your customers, and keep them coming back to your store.

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Supply Chain Manager

It is a flexible, comprehensive system that enables you to increase your inventory accuracy.

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It is an advanced, reliable platform designed to grow revenue and optimize operations.

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Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicles, live on the map. We present both a web application and a mobile app to manage your fleet.

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Customer requirements gathering

According to a predefined requirement elicitation plan, analyst identifies customer requirements.


Assessment and planning

The project manager estimates the project in terms of time and cost. We have various estimation methods. Based on project nature, PM selects the best method suits the project.



Used to to develop a general perception of the system being implemented by creating the ERD entity which illustrates the flow of processes in the system and the relationships among them.


Quality Assurance

Perform audit on project’s activities to help the management ensures that these activities are complying with the organization’s applicable processes and standards.

What our customers said?

"We would like to thank AFA Technologies for their effort in developing our company through Accurate Accountant, this system meets our operational needs from entering and extracting data in stream that allow us to deal with the result with ease and comfort, its truly a unique system." - Mahmoud Ali (Financial Manager)
"Our Company is honored to present its thanks and acknowledgment for E Shipping Solution for its services and follow up in maintaining developing and supporting the system and modules the company is using now. And we hope the cooperation between our companies will last and prosper." - Ayman Mohamed (CEO)
"I present my thanks and gratitude for those who where part in continuing the employee cycle by merging our company with the latest most advance technology provided by Human Resources Manager. Success has people who appreciate what it means and creativity has people who can reap it, so we thank you for your effort because you deserve it." - Ahmed Ali (HR Manager)
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Our Skills


Project Management

Quality Assurance

Change Cycle Management

Customer Satisafation

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As a part of AFA Technologies’s continuous efforts to improve its programs and applications, updates and Fixes are happening periodically and many of these updates and fixes are getting merged in one package to be installed to our customers, including operational and security updates.

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Our Clients

Like most software companies is looking to satisfy her clients. Although there are many factors that bear on customer satisfaction, there is no doubt that delivering the product on time with the required level of quality is the main factor. In order to achieve this, was to be existence of an effective methodology for project management to achieve the required objective, which is customer satisfaction.

Build your online store with E-Commerce




Our support team works online or on your premises. Fast response to delicate situations and unexpected problems


On hand training to sharpen your skills. Step-by-step walkthroughs Tutorials, videos, and guides.

General Products Features

Easy to use, standard window menus & help messages

Multilingual support

The system is capable of operating in multi languages like Arabic & English, switch language while working within the applications. The system allows different users to operate in different languages simultaneously.

Multi-user support

The system is designed to support multiple users in a networking environment. Data locking on the database is implemented successfully in the system.

Per Server License Model

Our Licenses work per server, no limit for number of subscribed users.
Maximize your business to the utmost, we are only charging for the support.
You can expand your business without worries about any additional future costs.