Based in Giza, Egypt, AFA Technologies provides its services to the governmental sector as well as the private sector of many of the countries in the region.

We’ve made it our goal to give you the tools and utilities that work just like you want, across multiple devices and platforms. AFA Technologies is experienced in providing solutions that work for your success.

Our desktop, and web applications such as the e-Shipping, the Accurate Accountant, and many more, make it easy to manage your enterprise. Paired along with our mobile apps we are helping professionals to collaborate their efforts, evaluate their progress, and communicate their ideas across distant locations.

AFA has always helped you evolve your business and achieve success. Now we are making a new commitment: to help you be your best.

Our Vision

To power customers with the state of the art information technologies using the best experts and tools in the field.

Our Mission

To become the market leader in providing top-tier IT solutions that is sustainable, flexible, and secured.

Our Method

Planning With Vision

Success is never an accident, it is always the result of precis and coherent planning.
And with vision and hope, you can see far deep in the future. You can plan for what is invisible to others.

Executing With Passion

Executing is to strive and fight to reach the target. We prefer to develop our solutions with enjoyment and dedication.
Our passion to excellence and perfectness drives us to exceed our client expectations.

Check With Accuracy

Accuracy is the twin brother of honesty. We chose to apply the international standards of software quality management (SQM) in order to express honesty towards our clients.

Finalize With Confidence

Confidence gives us the ability to finalize our projects even before we start them. Handing over the project on schedule, and as per specifications is an expected endeavor.

Our Core Values


We are creative, adventurous, and open-minded.

Passion And Determination

Our determination gives us success, and our passion gives us sustainability.

Need To Learn

Knowledge has no limit.


One hand can’t clap.  Our team works as a family.

Want to be part of the team ?