E-Student System

  • View all report cards and mark sheets
  • Providing semester certificates reports
  • Providing annual certificates reports
  • Evaluating student’s progress among other students
  • Viewing teachers comments and notes
  • View student’s medical report
  • View student’s misbehavior
  • View homework assessment
  • View prepared lessons
  • View Student’s portfolio

E-Teacher System

This system has been developed to follow up on teachers and students activities on the academic level to ensure integration quality between the users of the Teacher and Student systems.

  • View student activities
  • View students’ certificate and report card
  • Evaluating students’ progress along other students
  • View teacher‘s comments & notes
  • View students’ absence report
  • View students‘ medical report
  • View students’ misbehavior report
  • Prepared lessons system
  • Homework assessment management
  • FAQ & suggestions for public website guests
  • Teacher Activity report

E-Schedule System

The course aims at building school schedules according to the requirements of the school automatically, in order to reduce the human errors and the completion of the work as soon as possible. The course is characterized by the following:

  • Define quota times
  • Define materials for each row and its weekly quota
  • Defining the people and linking them with the material teachers
  • Defining quota hours and distributing them to teachers
  • Define times not available for part-time teachers
  • Define the materials of compact groups and quotas
  • Define the conditions of the school to take into account the construction of the school schedules
  • Automatic distribution of the class according to the class or class
  • Provide study schedules at different levels such as people, teacher, materials, classes and students

E-Parent System

  • View parent’s statement of account
  • View student’s statement of account
  • View student’s semester, annual & monthly certificates
  • Evaluating student’s progress among other students
  • Following-up teacher notes & comments
  • Following-up student‘s absences & leaves
  • Student’s medical report
  • Student‘s misbehavior report
  • Students’ activities report
  • Newsletter management system