SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint is a web application platform that combines various collection of features. started from document management, workflow management, corporate social networking, enterprise search, and business intelligence. extended to enterprise content management, team collaboration, and publishing features.
It serves the internal, external, and internet purposes, covering a wide spectrum of enterprises ranging from mid-sized to largely expanded ones.

Being a member of the Microsoft(R) group of office products, SharePoint stands as beating heart of the team, adjoined with Microsoft Excel, Work, Exchange, the power of the family is maximized. SharePoint also plays an integral role in magnifying the web capabilities of the Microsoft dynamics family, namely the CRM and ERP applications. SharePoint is distinguished by its powerful, yet simple security model, as its architecture enables the eleast-privileges execution permission model.

Compliance and compatibilities of SharePoint

SharePoint is compliant with WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.
SharePoint is compatible with CMIS  the Content Management Interoperability Standard, using Microsoft CMIS Connector.
SharePoint provides various application programming interfaces (APIs: client-side, server-side, JavaScript) and REST, SOAP and OData based interface.
SharePoint can be used to achieve compliance with many document retention, record management, document ID and discovery laws.


Nevertheless its robustness and diversity, the SharePoint platform is flexibly customizable and widely extendable to encompass the demanding needs and distinct requirements of the large and conflicting clients around the globe. Customizing SharePoint requires deeply experienced, sharply skilled, and highly qualified team of experts.