Supply Chain Manager

Inventory Management System

Today’s tough economic conditions, characterized by increased competition, short product life cycles, increased outsourcing, and increased demand uncertainty, make it more challenging to manage your inventory.
Inventory Management is a flexible, comprehensive system that enables you to increase your inventory accuracy and customer service levels and, at the same time, reduce your carrying costs, labor costs, and inventory write-offs.  Inventory helps you make faster, more accurate decisions, which is critical in today’s complex global inventory environments.


Effective Operational

  • Real-time on inventory information.
  • Effective planning for current and future needs.
  • Reduce labor costs.
  • Flexible transfer between warehouses.
  • Support Multi Company and warehouses.
  • Flexible system for units of measurement and conversion.
  • Navigate the system using drill-down.
  • Advanced search criteria.
  • Statistics of demand variability occurs due to seasonal factors.

Effective Management

  • Flexible to define items and its alternatives.
  • Linking product suppliers’ category.
  • Multiple properties of the classification.
  • Lot/serial control.
  • Support all methods of stock assessment.
  • Support multi-device (Smart phone, Pocket PC, PCs … )
  • Reduce the costs of administrative work.
  • Analysis items using ABC analysis.

Effective Control

  • Effective regulatory tools and advanced monitoring systems.
  • Using Barcode system.
  • Strict control of the delivery and receipt.
  • Control expiry dates.
  • Flexible Settings for Count processes and related adjustment.

Improve customer service

  • Reduced risk of stock outs.
  • Lower risk of production delays.
  • Increased accuracy in production and delivery dates.
  • Continuous coordination between the OM, Purchasing Dept.

Sales Management System

Order Management provides the most complete, flexible sales order management processes for fulfilling the perfect order and satisfying your customers’ partners and employees. You can manage the complete order-to-cash process. Your sales organization can manage the complete sales-order management cycle and handle post-sales activities with sales management and service functionality with OM. OM application addresses a wide range of customer-focused processes – from selling products and professional services to handling aftermarket processing of warranty claims, service orders, and returns. In addition to accelerating the order-to-cash process and improving customer service, you can increase revenues and profit margins, reduce the operating cost of sales, improve productivity, and reduce total cost of ownership.

The quote-to-cash process typically consists of three main tasks

  • Capturing the Perfect Order which consists of functions such as product selection,   configuration, pricing, promotions and cross/up sell.
  • Orchestrating Flawless Fulfillment which consists of workflow logic to determine how a specific order/order line should be processed.
  • Execute Timely Fulfillment which requires order information to flow to back end systems such as manufacturing, inventory, shipping, financials, etc.

Enhance Customer Service

  • Accurate capture of customer orders across multiple channels.
  • Streamlined orchestration of order details for seamless fulfillment execution.
  • Enhanced customer experience through selection of the right product at the right price, accurate order promising and automatic order status updates from fulfillment systems to multiple channels.
  • Communication of order status information to customers throughout the order lifecycle.
  • The Booking List is a powerful query tool for building lists of booked items with a flexible criteria set.
  • Reduced operational costs through faster order entry, reduced order errors and reduced manual steps for fulfillment processing.
  • Provides up-to-date information reflecting sales activity information resulting from the daily billing process.
  • Increased revenue through targeted cross/up selling, margin maximization and faster order processing.
  • Report scheduling system.

Purchasing Management System

Purchasing is the application for professional buyers that streamlines purchase order processing while strengthening policy compliance. Purchasing does just that. It automates purchasing to make buyers more productive, improves management of your supply base, and adapts to any procurement process. As the heart of the logistic suite, Purchasing provides a rich store of policy and supplier information, a robust workbench for buying professionals, and consolidated visibility into spend. That mean freeing staff for high-value activities with complete procure-to-pay automation is essential to streamlining procurement processes.


Adapt to Any Purchasing Practice:

Adapt the application to your organization’s purchasing practices with uniquely configurable policies and an open architecture that integrates legacy and supplier systems.

Handle multiple payment terms.

Improve supply base management.

Share vendor information across business units.

Track and monitor historical vendor performance.

Use multiple addresses and unlimited contact information per vendor.

Use multiple sites for each vendor to support unique characteristics such as currencies and matching rules.

Analyzing and reporting to keep track of multiple vendors that provide a particular item, include pricing and delivery.

Orchestrating flawless fulfillment which consists of workflow logic to determine how a specific orders line should be processes .

Report scheduling system

To Retail Management System

Point-of-Sale provides the flexibility, responsiveness, and scalability to meet even the largest retailer’s point-of-sale requirements, leading to improved customer service and higher sales. Access to real-time customer, product, and market information means more opportunities to turn occasional shoppers into lifetime customers. In addition, Point-of-Service offers next-generation features that improve customer service and reduce costs, including the ability to process sales returns for items sold through the web, access retail Web sites, fulfill Web-generated orders, and look up cross-store inventory. It contains the industry’s leading configuration capabilities in areas such as pricing, discounts, promotions, and returns. Additionally, POS is offered with powerful back-office applications, for in-depth, store-level management and reporting.


  • The easy-to-use and intuitive graphic user interface increases productivity and facilitates employee training.
  • The object-oriented design makes it easy to customize application to unique business rules and to implement an integrated customer-centric business strategy.
  • Increase customer intimacy with customer-purchase profile and loyalty information.

Robust promotional pricing features make it easy to target preferred customers and to ensure accurate pricing at the point of sale.